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School council have started with a bang this year organising an event to raise money for Children iin need.

Do you know how many spots are on Pudsy?

What is a School Council?

A school council is a group of pupils who are elected to represent the views of all pupils in the school. Their main job is to help improve the school based on everyone’s ideas and opinions.

How does our School Council work?

At the beginning of the new school year, every class elects one class representative and a deputy (in case the class rep is absent) to be on the school council.

Sharing your view

The class rep should have a weekly meeting with the class (at a time agreed to by the class teacher) where it is their job to listen to everyone’s ideas and opinions on how to improve our school.

You can also write your ideas and opinions on a piece of paper and put this in the school council ideas box outside the school library (don’t forget to get permission from your teacher to visit the box).

School Council Meetings

Each week the class rep will bring their notes from their class meeting to a smaller meeting with the other class reps from across the school. At these meetings the class reps will share the ideas and opinions of their classmates so that everyone’s voice from across the school is heard.

It is then up to the school council reps to try to use everyone’s ideas and opinions to improve our school. This might involve problem solving or even organising fun events.

How has school council already improved our school?

School Dinners
School council organised a smiley face system so that children can let the kitchen know if they enjoyed that day’s school dinner. They even took part in taste testing sessions to put together a menu that everyone would enjoy.

Peer Mediators
School council introduced peer mediators to the school and are now responsible for electing them each year.


Film Event
Sandhurst Juniors hosted its first film event, which premiered films made by each class in the school. We even gave away Oscars for star performances!

The Stage
School council helped to raise funds to build a stage in the playground to be used at play and lunchtimes, thanks to the suggestions of children across the school.

Raising Money for Charity
Last year school council organised a ‘Go Dotty for Demelza’ fund raising day to raise funds for the local hospice charity. This charity was chosen thanks to votes across the school.

Well Done!

The winners of the recipe competition.

Their recipes will be added to the school menu and

they will be having a special trip to the Lewisham training kitchen.