Values and Ethos

At Sandhurst Primary School we believe in excellent progress and experiences for all in a safe and caring environment.

Children are at the heart of all we do.

We Believe:

      • that children should be children
      • that every child should be treated fairly and as individuals
      • that EVERY child can succeed

Core values for our children are:


Respect  Honesty  Fairness   Perseverance  Positivity and  Kindness


To this end we aim:

  • to provide an attractive, well organised and stimulating learning environment that supports and challenges all children
  • to ensure opportunities are provided to motivate and enable each child to become a happy, successful and independent learner
  • to help children develop self-confidence, to build on strength and acquire a positive self-image through co-operation and communication with others
  • to celebrate diversity of culture, language and religion and value everyone’s contribution
  • to give a sense of belonging and personal involvement in the school
  • to treat everyone with courtesy and consideration and to show respect for the needs and differences of others
  • to show respect and care for each other and the environment and raise children’s awareness of the wider world

In order to achieve these aims, we rely on the support and commitment of all staff, parents/carers and governors working together to promote a positive ethos of the school.




J K Rowling

She is the author behind the Harry Potter book series and the Hogwarts Universe. Her books have been bought all over the world. They have also been adapted into blockbuster movies. Despite her roaring success, J.K. Rowling was once so poor that she had to depend on benefits. She was divorced, dirt poor, depressed and taking care of one child. When she took the first manuscript of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, it was rejected a total of 12 times by Bloomsbury London publishers. Eventually, the book was published and it opened the gates of fortune for the author. Today, she is one of the richest women in the world.

Venus Williams

It’s difficult to think of an athlete who’s overcome more than Venus Williams, nor one who’s faced obstacles on a more consistent basis.

As young players Venus and her sister Serena faced racial profiling in a sport that was more traditionally played by white players. Yet they both kept at it and became some of the best champions in the history of the sport. Even beyond that triumph, however, Venus has had to overcome personal hurdles. She has to struggle with the autoimmune disease Sjogren’s syndrome, a debilitating condition that nearly ended her career. Venus, however, simply changed her diet and kept at it, and now at age 37 she’s still competing near the top of women’s tennis.

And her sister Serena Williams is extremely inspirational too. It is quite well known that she won her last grand slam while she was pregnant.

Their stories of inspiration are ones to reckon with because they have overcome insurmountable odds to be where they are today.